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FIND offers flexible access to hundreds of maps, spatial datasets, aerial photographs and to property information

FIND holds a vast data library containing nearly 200 different types of maps, datasets and reports. These include OS MasterMap map exports for CAD and flood risk datasets for the whole of the UK..

We can:

Maps and charts

As an Ordnance Survey licensed data partner, FIND offers the complete range of OS maps including the market leading OS MasterMap. We also provide maps from other sources. Learn more

Aerial Photography

FIND can offer a range of aerial photography at different resolutions dating from 1966 to the present. Learn more

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Spatial data

FIND has access to spatial data from a range of UK suppliers relating to flooding, geology, height, property, marine, addresses, environment and much more. Learn more

Internal data

We can take data provided by a client and turn it into spatial data for use in apps. Alternatively, we can help clients to capture their own data. Learn more

Open data

An ever increasing range of open-data is becoming available. This data can be exploited to produce services and products at much lower cost than was previously possible. Learn more