PDF map examples

See below for a list of PDF map examples produced with sketchmap.

Education: English – a local map created to stimulate writing and comprehension.

Education: Maths – a local map created to use with a maths worksheet.

Education: History - a colourful map showing the major events of 1066.

Wedding day itinerary map - avoid logistical mishaps by detailing your wedding itinerary for your guests on the big day.

Custom coloured wedding map – using the ‘Customise Map’ feature which is unique to this site.

Formal local authority proposal map - detail a formal proposal to a local authority or other governing body. This example map shows a formal traffic reduction proposal.

Outdoor map use - create a map to share with a group of people before embarking on an outdoor activity. This example shows a 3-mile walking route to High Force waterfall, detailing nearby landmarks, facilities and landscape height.

UK Geology map over basic map background - plain maps are useful for highlighting certain features within the map layers, or bringing out drawings and annotations. This example shows a geology map of the UK over a plain map.

Genealogy: mapping your ancestors - a map showing the life path taken by Charlotte McDonald nee Bernstein. Charlotte and her family escaped persecution in mainland Europe travelling via Paris to London in 1938-1939. She worked on the land during the Second World War and married a British naval officer when hostilities ceased. In 1946 they moved to Scotland where Charlotte lived until her death in 2008.

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