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Property prospecting map

Web map for independent property consultancy that combines in-house and other data

Client: GL Hearn

The development team at FIND has created a bespoke mapping tool for GL Hearn. The map shows targeted properties and selected mapping layers. A handy toolset is provided for ease of use.

Staff at GL Hearn use the map to identify underutilised properties with high development potential. Using the map allows them to very quickly assess whether a site represents an opportunity or should be eliminated from the search.

“FIND has created a brilliant tool for us. Instead of having to trawl through irrelevant maps and data, the app just focuses on what we need. We have worked with FIND to carefully select the right map and data layers from their library, including new freely available Open Data, as well as adding our own in-house data.”

“We have a large number of properties to look at each month and this service makes the process, much quicker and easier. We are also able to take advantage of GIS tools within the application to set search radius, helping to focus on relevant data just for the site we are interested in.” - Shaun Andrews, Manager at GL Hearn

In addition to targeted mapping and data layers, the tool also offers several powerful features normally found only in high-end desk-top mapping applications. These include search and data display functions that show only relevant data around a site and the option to gather more detailed information from the data visualised on the map.


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