Project points and polygons | Built by FIND

Project points and polygons

Project location mapping for specialist multi-disciplinary surveying and design consultancy

Client: GIA

FIND have created an internal web service for GIA that displays their current and past surveying projects.

“Having worked on over 6,000 projects we had amassed measured surveys and 3-D models of almost all of London. Whilst everything was on file, locating information was becoming more of a challenge, often requiring the involvement of key individuals with in-depth knowledge of specific projects. We wanted a way to capture and organise information to make it instantly accessible to all staff at GIA."

We are now in a far stronger position when it comes to making informed decisions or spotting potential conflicts of interest when taking on new work. We are also able to reap maximum benefit from our investment in data acquisition” - Gordon Ingram, GIA

Looking for something more advanced?

FIND can add your data to a secure environment within the portal. This will allow you to use OS MasterMap which provides the most accurate up-to-date mapping.



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