E-commerce map plugin | Built by FIND

E-commerce map plugin

Integrated map ordering facility for property auction catalogue publisher

Client: Essential Information Group (EIG)

The map ordering facility developed by FIND allows users to select from a range of maps and add them to catalogue listings. Land Registry freehold boundaries can be added to these detailed maps.

Site plans play a crucial role in the sale of property. They are especially important when sites have complex boundaries or when a parcel of land must be clearly defined. FIND’s tool makes it easy to locate a site, display a detailed OS MasterMap, draw boundaries and add this information to a listing.

“With hundreds of auction houses adding over 35,000 properties every year it’s important that we offer a streamlined and easy-to-use service. We have worked closely with FIND to produce a tool that cuts out numerous unnecessary steps for our clients and yet still produces a high quality map output."

"Before site plans had to be created separately and imported into the software. FIND’s new tool means this can be done in one process while creating the original listing.” - David Sandeman, EIG Managing Director

“FIND’s integrated mapping service in the EIG system cuts out numerous steps and saves us considerable time. Its easy-to-use and we no longer have to go to an additional website just for mapping.”
- Dominic Smith, Andrews & Robinson Director & Senior Auction Surveyor



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E-commerce map plugin for EIG
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